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Schriever Air Force Base (AFB) Homes For Sale

Military FamilySchriever Air Force Base is home to the 50th Space Wing and is known for it’s satellite command and control facilities. The base is approximately 10 miles east of Peterson AFB, just off Hwy 94. Currently, it hosts only operations facilities, as there is no base housing or commissary at Schreiver AFB.

Military personnel relocating to Schriever AFB usually live in Falcon, Powers, Central Colorado Springs, Security/Widefield and Briargate areas. Commute times to base range from 15-35 minutes.

Homes for Sale Near Schriever AFB:

Search for Homes in Briargate
Briargate is a popular choice for Schriever AFB Relocations because of the District-20 school system. Noted as one of the best in Colorado Springs, D-20 has a fine scholastic reputation, Commuting from Briargate to Schriever AFB takes between 25-35 minutes.

Search for Homes in Powers Corridor
The Powers Corridor is home to a tremendous selection of restaurants, retail shopping and entertainment. It’s proximity to base and local convenience make it a hot spot for relocating to Schriever Air Force Base. There’s a wide variety of both affordable and family homes. The drive from the Powers area to Schriever is approximately 15-30 minutes.

Search for Homes in Falcon
Falcon is located north of Schriever. The easy access to Hwy 24 makes it an easy commute to base. Falcon residents enjoy the larger lot sizes and homes than the city offers for the same price. The District-49 school system is also highly ranked, making it a popular choice for families with school-aged children. Commuting to Schriever AFB from Falcon takes between 15-25 minutes.

Search for Homes in Central Colorado Springs
Central Colorado Springs is another option for Schriever AFB real estate. It’s proximity to the social scene of Downtown Colorado Springs and the charm and individuality of older homes can be a big draw for both singles and couples. This area has beautiful, tree-lined streets and mature landscaping adding to its appeal. The commute from here to Schriever Air Force Base takes 20-35 minutes.

Search for Homes in Security and Widefield
The Security/Widefield area is just west of Peterson. This area generally offers a lot of house for the money of any Schriever AFB homes for sale. Commuting to base from here takes 20-35 minutes.

Homes in Schriever AFB

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